Hotel de Paris Moulins

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30 km from Moulins

Located only 30 minutes from the Hôtel de Paris in Moulins, Le PAL in the Allier was created in 1973. It draws its originality from its triple facet. It is the only park in France to combine attractions, animals and atypical accommodation. Le PAL offers 30 attractions for young and old, 1,000 animals, animal displays and numerous educational activities.

the PAL Savannah

In 2021, the PAL will welcome a new area to the park. The Rothschild Giraffes are moving to a 4 hectare area, the Savannah! But as good news never comes alone, a brand new species is making its debut at PAL... the White Rhino. Last December, three young rhinos joined the new Savannah, along with giraffes, nyalas and Grevy's zebras.