Street Art City

Hotel de Paris Moulins

Street Art City
40 min from the hotel

Street Art City is a major street art venue and a must-see tourist destination. This artists' residence dedicated to street art is located in Lurcy-Lévis, in the north of the Allier, about 40 minutes from Moulins and the Hôtel de Paris.
More than 300 artists from 5 continents have exhibited their frescoes on the 22,500 m² of walls since the creation of this place in 2016. Dive into a unique aesthetic universe, for a total immersion in the artistic compositions of the Street Art City exhibitions.


Visit Street Art City and discover a hundred or so outdoor murals, the 128 Hotel and its 128 artistic universes imagined by 128 artists from all over the world, the outdoor exhibition "Around the world of Street Art in 80 pictures", an Artshop Gallery, the artists' studios and a shop. A breathtaking adventure!