Tronçais Forest

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The Tronçais forest
1 hour from the hotel

Just an hour from the hotel, you can discover one of the most beautiful forest areas in France: the Tronçais forest. Located in the Allier region, it has the reputation of being the most beautiful oak forest in France. It has been awarded the Forêt d'Exception® label (only about twenty of the 1,300 French state forests have this label). A living testimony to French forestry excellence, Tronçais is known worldwide for the quality of its wood, which is used to make the barrels that enhance the finest wines and spirits. The label highlights the excellence of forest management. It also distinguishes the preserved environmental heritage, the richness and diversity of the cultural heritage, the reception of the public and the animation of this unique area.

the Tronçais forest

Some of the majestic trees in the Tronçais forest are several hundred years old.
Among them are some remarkable specimens not to be missed: the Square Oak, which is said to have been born around 1630, the Sentinel, which is said to have made its first leaves around 1580 and which has a circumference of 6.55 metres, and the Twins, which were born from the same stump more than 400 years ago. Covering more than 11,000 hectares, the Tronçais forest is an extraordinary place for walking, cycling or horse riding.
On this immense estate, the reception of tourists and walkers is organised around 5 major centres: the Futaie Colbert II, the Rond de Thiolais, the étang de Saint-Bonnet-Tronçais, the étang de Pirot and the Rond de la Cave.